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Joining The Frey

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Some of the girls were already having fun on the floor. One of the seniors forced the pledges to join in the fun by stripping nude.Click Here to Watch the FULL Video!

College Girls Gone Bad – Sex Contest

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Girls are being judged on who can best fuck a strap-on cock!

Drunk Boys and Girls Getting Naughty

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Wilde and horny college girls shows their true intent in joining college. They love getting horny and having sex. Click Here to Watch the FULL Video!

Having Fun Treating Pledges Like Dogs

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Senior sluts set up a "dog show" for their monthly Sorority activity. They invited other groups to enjoy it. But what surprised everyone was that the "dogs" were not really dogs but nude pledges walking on fours.Click...

Naked Sorority Sister Wrestling

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A pair of hot girls, drench in oil, wrestle each other while the other sisters watch! The losers ended up licking and fingering the winners' pussies and made them cum! Click Here to Watch the FULL Video!

Kissing College Girls Butts and Pussies

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Part of their initiation is for them to take turns in kissing each others butts and licking their white pussies. These ladies got no choice since they won't be taken in to the sorority. Click Here to Watch the FULL Vi...

Lets Not Get Caught Having Oral Sex At the Library

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Blonde trying to give blowjob to her friend at the college library! – Young Sorority Blonde Fucked

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Young blonde sorority slut wanted to feel accepted. So she was willing to have sex with any guy to be part of the in crowd. Click Here to Watch the FULL Video!

Young Asian And White Nerd Babe Are Horny

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These two have had 5 cups of beer already. So they ended up putting that cup on some other drunk girl's ass. If it spills they have to lick it off. See what happens next!

Two Girls Sucking Dude’s Dick

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Two naked college girls giving this guy a blowjob inside his closet! Looks like these two girls are having some "friendly" competition!

Campus Is Cool – Live Dorm Room Sex Infront Of Crowd

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Bunch of students watching other students having sex infront of them inside one of the dorm rooms.

Couple Celebrates Anniversary By Making Sex Video

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This couple are just celebrating their anniversary. The guy feeling romantic and all, started playing his guitar and singing songs for his girlfriend. The couple proceed with fucking each other while recording the did...

Babes Hazed – She Loves To Lick Other Girl’s Ass

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American teens enjoy doing the "butt motorboat" to other girls. However, the chick in yellow doesn't look to happy about it. Click Here to Watch the FULL Video!

Who Will Squirt First?

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Which of these young college trainee cum first? Find out here in HD!

Amateur College Porn Photoshoot

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Its maybe drinking beer off the girls belly, but guys got drunk and so did the girls. They started to strip their clothes off and pose like porn stars in front of the camera.

Hot Brunette Recording Herself for Audition – and Sex!

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This hot college girl was recording herself for her upcoming audition. But when her boyfriend came in and have sex with her, she didn't realize that she forgot to turn off the camcorder.

Innocent College Chicks Sucking Dick

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They were asked to suck this guys dick. Then they have to get naked and sucked him again.

Greek-themed Fuck Party

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College kids dressed up like ancient Greek people having sex party at the girls dormitory.

College Lesbians Smorgasbord

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Eat all you can bitches! Group of college sluts eating and licking each other's pussies forming what they call a "sorority square"! These sorority bitches are doing it all for $$$! Click Here to Watch the FULL Video! ... – Judges Give Rating To Sexual Performance

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Group of college students with score cards rate how the couple in the middle perform sexually on a scale of 1-10. Maybe American Idol or The Voice can pick up a few ideas from these students.

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