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Pledges Forced to Suck and Lick Pussy

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Lesbian Sorority sisters forced their pledges to have their pussy licked. They have to like it or else they will not be accepted in the group. Click Here to Watch the FULL Video!

Do I Have To Suck This Dildo This Big?

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Blonde was told to suck on something bigger than her mouth. Will she go for it?

Crazy Sorority Girls Set Up A Hidden Camera

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Lesbian Sorority bitch caught in a hidden camera ordering one of the pledges to rub her in the shower. Click Here to Watch the FULL Video!

Three Homecoming Queens Making-Out

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Homecoming queens, old and new, were making out in this one of a kind sex video. They did this for "charity". Click Here to Watch the FULL Video!

Sorority Pledges Doing Sobriety Test

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Crazy girls forced pledges to do Walk-and-Turn Field Sobriety Test while having an electric vibrator inserted in their vagina! Click Here to Watch the FULL Video!

Practice Sucking Dicks on Sex Dolls

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Crazy sorority bitches forced pledges to practice their blowjob skills using a sex doll! Click Here to Watch the FULL Video!

Lesbian Seduced College Roommate

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Lesbian sorority girl has been targeting her roommate to join the sisters. This so she could fuck her and do all sorts of pledges stuff to her. Click Here to Watch the FULL Video!

All American Girls Sex Party

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Three girls having crazy times on the couch! They licked each others' clits til they all came. Click Here to Watch the FULL Video!

Forced To Eat Another Girl’s Ass

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In order to be part of this special sorority, you must pass by licking another chick's unwashed and dirty ass. See what happens in the video!

Teen Pussy Tower

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Crazy girls made an erotic cheer-leading tower. One of the girls was at the to bottom, while the other one rode her strap-on cock and the other one was on her face! See it to believe it! Click Here to Watch the FULL V...

Crazy Sorority Teens Using Strap-on Dick

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Fake dicks are becoming a favorites nowadays in sorority orgies. This is an example of how sorority girls used them for fun. Click Here to Watch the FULL Video!

Skinny Pledges Insulted By Sorority

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Someone from the sorority sisters recruited some girls to be pledges. One of the sisters said they were too skinny to be with the sorority. So they started ordering the girls to do some crazy things.. Click Here to Wa...

Busty Sorority Chick Got Her Pussy Licked

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Girls having fun in this sorority party! One of the girls, a busty-voluptuous, slut showed them how to have fun having their pussy licked and fingered by another sister. Click Here to Watch the FULL Video!

Pussy Eating College Train

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Girls were all lined up licking each others' pussies! It even looked like they are all connected by their tongues! Human train connected by tongue and pussy!Click Here to Watch the FULL Video!

Making Cinderellas Eat Her Pussy

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Three college pledges being treated like Cinderella. Sorority bitch made them clean up her room and eat her pussy afterwards. Click Here to Watch the FULL Video!

Sorority Leader Making Pledges Eat Her Pussy

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Sorority bitch ordering her pledges to get naked and eat her pussy! When she came,she started playing with their pussy too. Click Here to Watch the FULL Video!

Sorority Alpha Having Her Legs and Pussy Shaved

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Sorority bitch having the pledges shaved her pussy area. She is telling them to be careful as her pussy is the most important part of her body as a sorority slut! Click Here to Watch the FULL Video!

Room Full of Moaning College Sluts

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Sorority girls having all girls orgy in their dormitory. Pledges were require to perform all sorts of sex stuffs - scissoring, dildo, sex toys, etc - while other watched! Click Here to Watch the FULL Video!

Shy Sorority Pledges Forced to Lick Ass

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Shy college girl reluctant to lick a sister's ass. She has to overcome her shyness or she won't be accepted in the sorority. Click Here to Watch the FULL Video!

Freshman Sorority Slut Loving the Sex Toy

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Sorority girls decided to play with the freshman's tight pussy using dildo! The freshman moaned and moaned until she came! Other girls watched the show so they can learn how to moan like a dirty slut!Click Here to Wat...

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