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Room Full of Moaning College Sluts

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Sorority girls having all girls orgy in their dormitory. Pledges were require to perform all sorts of sex stuffs - scissoring, dildo, sex toys, etc - while other watched! Click Here to Watch the FULL Video!

Real HAZING Videos of Sexy College Girls

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See real clips of real college girls getting hazed by sorority members by sitting on a bench with dicks! See the full video!

Where Nude and Drunk Bitches Congregate

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This outdoor place set up by a secret society of mean bitches is where all pledges get accepted. They have to take off their clothes and swear by the fire.Click Here to Watch the FULL Video!

Do I Have To Suck This Dildo This Big?

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Blonde was told to suck on something bigger than her mouth. Will she go for it?

Perfect Tits Among The Bitches

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This girl at the center of three sluts has the perfect natural tits you will ever see. Would love to give her a titty fuck when guys would have their way.Click Here to Watch the FULL Video!

Having Fun with the Strapon

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The main event? Strap on dildo used by seniors to fuck the pledges. Everyone has to come and moan like a whore.Click Here to Watch the FULL Video! – College Girl Learns To Suck Dildo

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Not only must they clean up, these girls need to learn how to suck and play with a dildo to be part of the sisterhood.

Slut Train!

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Outdoor exhibition! These sorority bitches decided to have a sex activity at the campus park. They washed each other's pussies squeaky clean. Then they licked each other's "cleaned" pussies forming a "slut train". Cl...

Sorority Girls Played Some Jokes with Pledges

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While the pledges were still sleeping, the seniors turned on the siren and forcibly woke them up. Theythen have them take off their clothes and forced them to make out.Click Here to Watch the FULL Video!

Crazy Sorority Girls Set Up A Hidden Camera

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Lesbian Sorority bitch caught in a hidden camera ordering one of the pledges to rub her in the shower. Click Here to Watch the FULL Video!

Strapon Fake Dicks Fuck So Many Pussies

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Wild college girls brought out a pair of strap-on dildos during their lesbian orgy. Since no guys are allowed in the dormitory, these fake dicks are good alternative.Click Here to Watch the FULL Video!

Having Fun Treating Pledges Like Dogs

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Senior sluts set up a "dog show" for their monthly Sorority activity. They invited other groups to enjoy it. But what surprised everyone was that the "dogs" were not really dogs but nude pledges walking on fours.Click...

College Girls Giving Pleasure To Pledges

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Lesbian sorority sister enjoys toying with the pledges. She inserts dildo inside their wet pussies until they reach orgasm. Click Here to Watch the FULL Video!

Oral and Pussy Care

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She thought she would come when she received oral from another girl. What she didn't know was there was a vibrator waiting to give her another big-0. This time, more intense than the oral.

College Girls Trying To Get Sorority Ranks

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Watch these girls try to move up a rank by agreeing to getting hazed!

Crazy Sorority Bitches on the Tennis Court

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College pledges were told to hold the tennis ball between their butt-cheeks while they run. If the ball fell, they get punished. They then proceed with playing tennis while naked.

Sexy College Pledges Getting Sex Hazed

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Three college freshmen got ordered to eat and suck each others' pussies. They did this while other sisters are watching and the sorority alpha were barking orders! Click Here to Watch the FULL Video!

Brunette with a Nice Slim Body

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College girls hazing pledges by riding fake cock. First to do it was a sexy hot brunette. Click Here to Watch the FULL Video! – Sucking Dick To Get Into A Fraternity

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These days, sexual favors will get you into any fraternity you want to be in. That's why you see all these girls take turns sucking this guy's dick. Nice reverse college blowbang action here. Click Here to Watch the ...

Dared to Sit on Her Face and Make Her Come

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Girls were dared to sit their pussy on another girl's face. The one sitting on has to make the girl on top come.Click Here to Watch the FULL Video!

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